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The RMG Collective Experience

Learn How to Build Power Partnerships

The Power to Inspire

Old-school marketers think the marketplace is simple-minded and easy to confuse. But people aren't stupid, especially other professionals that are potential power partners.

The Power to Connect

Who is someone else you could connect with that would greatly benefit from the connection? Send leads and business opportunities their way.

The Power to Commit

A power partnership is always win/win. As you increase what you can bring to a partnership, you'll attract and retain increasingly better partners.

Think Leadership and Engagement vs. Branding and Pitching

RMG collectives are about collaborating with other power marketers and businesses. The core goal is to cross-promote and leverage one another’s marketing efforts. Seek out companies and individuals that have the same target market and demographic that you do. These people should have a non-competing or even complimentary product or service to offer. A solid parthership can have several benefits:

  • You both can rapidly increase your client base and market influence.
  • Power networks can greatly reduce costs and inscrease efficiency..
  • Our networks help you pinpoint immediate business opportunities and prospective clients.

Remember that creativity, imagination and innovation are a power marketer’s core competitive advantage. Apply those attributes to your fusion partner search.


Contribution, help, and kindness are your social currencies that can get you access to great people and great networks.

The Best Experience Ever

"I can help your business scale new heights. Get going now!"

What people say about us...

Joining the Mastermind Group has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me… surrounding me in a group of strong, talented and successful ladies who practice Real Estate from various brokerages. Together, we embrace the diversity, cultivate knowledge, and deepen new ideas.
Nikki Nguyen
Coldwell Banker
Wise Wednesdays Roundtable Mastermind Group has been very beneficial is evaluating how I do my business and looking at my fears and short coming’s so I am able to overcome them. It’s a great group of diverse, collaborating women were we can share our thoughts and ideas.
Linda Ricca
“Wise Wednesdays” Roundtable Mastermind Group has been phenomenal not just for my real estate business, but more importantly for me as an individual. Each member was hand selected by E.L. Craine, based on their different strengths and weaknesses.
Senait Andemicael
Century 21 Olympian