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The Gents RMG

The Gents RMG

$125.00 for 1 year

We Build Power Partnerships… Together!

The RMG Collective is about collaborating with other power marketers and businesses. The core goal is to cross-promote and leverage one another’s marketing efforts. We seek out companies and individuals that have the same target market and demographic that you do. The conversations and content created by communities and those marketers that engage them are having a huge impact on brands, communities, and the consumer!


Product Description

Growing Leaders

How to make big things happen!

Transformational, effective leadership rarely appears on its own. We must be intentional. Leaders are discovered. They are trained and they are let loose. But if you want today’s social taste-makers to amplify your content’s reach and influence, you need to have a plan!

We’ll start by teaching you how to effectively tell your story. Storytelling is equal parts art and science.

It’s an art because it requires an incredible amount of creativity and imagination to write something in the first place.

It’s a science because there are tried-and-true methods to writing compelling stories.

If you have the attention of an audience, you’re already a leader. And great leaders plan, listen, observe, inspire, and then give direction.

— Brian Clark

What you’re getting

  1. First, we’ll have a professional storyteller sit down with your for two hours at a time, listening closely while you regale her with your stories, and then bring your adventures to life through her writing.
  2. Then we’ll ask a videographer to commit your story to a format where everyone can view it. From here, you’ll start attracting real people who believe in your brand and want to see it succeed, and who genuinely and actively use your serices.
  3. Finally over the weeks and months, we’ll help you team with other businesses likely to be your strategic partners. We’ll build partnerships profitable for all parties, with the development of a common strategy to attract new customers!


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