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Collaborative marketing is a marketing strategy that involves working in unison with similar companies to promote brand, minimize costs and increase sales. Collaborative marketing bolsters exposure through side-by-side advertisement with competitors. It is a popular and effective system, especially in online presences.

The conversations and content created by communities and those marketers that engage them are having a huge impact on brands, communities, and the consumer.

With a large measure of creativity and a willingness to authentically engage your customers online, you can now grab mind share and wallet share away from the competition by using largely free and easy-to-use social media marketing weapons.

Who Might Use This?

Real Estate professionals — realtors, mortgage loan originators and builder salespersons — can use these tools to kick your company into high gear, and to rise above your competition! We are here for you with the energy, experience, and commitment to power your brand, and connect with your customers.

What Will You Learn?

Here are five unique tactics you’ll learn to make your collaborative marketing a success:

  1. Utilize the power of consumers
    Consumers boost your campaign naturally through word of mouth, social media and blogs – so give them the platform to interact. This is one of the simplest tactics for collaborative marketing but it’s also one of the most effective.
  2. Fulfill campaign goals
    Use collaborations to strategically mask your weaknesses or promotional shortcomings. Broaden your outreach with collaborative marketing that syncs with your organization. Relatable organizations will have similar goals, marketing campaigns and target audiences. Create mutually beneficial marketing promotions with these companies to fulfill the needs of your team.
  3. Align with like-minded businesses
    Work with other brands to promote similar products, which increases the outreach and strength of the advertisement. The marketing powers of numerous brands come together to bolster your business and minimize budget spending.
  4. Plan the entire collaboration process
    A strong collaboration is preceded by a systematic planning of the entire collaboration process. You’ll learn how to research companies that have similar goals, marketing, brand and products. Especially online, marketing collaborations are more effective with higher amounts of collaborative companies.
  5. Adapt to evolving organizational needs
    Elevating your marketing campaigns begins with internal evaluations of collaborations. Keep your organization focused in order to succeed in collaborative efforts. Help your team feel responsible for taking ownership of collaborative marketing relationships.


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