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The Roundtable Mastermind Group (RMG) “Success Forum” Program is an exclusive 12-week training regimen designed specifically for the real estate industry professional. Because joining this transformational experience is better, together.

Master the techniques and tools power marketers use to acquire and engage customers.

Wise Wednesdays Roundtable Mastermind Group has been very beneficial is evaluating how I do my business and looking at my fears and short coming’s so I am able to overcome them. It has helped me to evaluate my marketing and broadened the areas I extend my marketing to. It’s a great group of diverse, collaborating women where we can share our thoughts and ideas.

Linda Ricca — Compass

Why the RMG Collective Works

THE SUCCESS FORUM not a cheer based program, it’s a results matter based program. In the twelve week (90 minutes per week) program, you’ll learn how to build business and implement strategies — now! Real-life experiences are based on the current and expanded abilities of the program participants. THE SUCCESS FORUM is about the enhancement of one’s personal growth and the power within — not a cheer based program!